UK Immigration Act 2016

The Immigration Act 2016 builds on the foundations laid by the “flagship” Immigration Act 2014.  The 2016 Act is lengthy – 236 pages divided into nine parts and 15 schedules – and its architecture is formidable. The raft of new measures further aggravates a hideously complex environment in which the only given constant is wholesale change. […]

Unless Orders: What happens if the other party simply refuses to obey the court?

Litigating parties sometimes question what happens if the other party simply refuses to obey the court. Reassuringly the courts possess an inherent power to regulate and control the procedural regime in order to streamline the courts’ administrative process whilst carrying out substantive justice.  The Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) provide for case management powers to make […]

Software Licensing Risks for Start-up

In today’s digital age, the rapid growth and expansion of the IT industry has led most businesses to use a vast array of software. The widespread use of computer programmes inevitably involves copying and, to some extent, adaptation.  As a result, it is very difficult to thoroughly prevent the use of copyright material, particularly that […]

Escrow Agreements for Software Business

Escrow agreements are used for a wide variety of commercial purposes and they have a specific benefit to software technology businesses. Generally escrow agreements are designed to protect transacting parties by depositing something of value with a third party agent, which may only be released if certain obligations are fulfilled or if certain events occur.  […]

E-commerce law for start-up business

On-line shopping continues to find favour among consumers despite high streets suffering through the recession. The ease of shopping from the comfort of a chair means that even die-hard shoppers increasingly treat themselves to online retail therapy. Consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the types of offerings available. High fashion is just […]

Consequences of Attempts to Suppress Publicity

  Suppressing publicity often draws attention to the object of that aim, especially where the subject relates to a public figure or a well known business. The human mind is curious and there is a perceived notion of trying to hide something detrimental in these circumstances which invites the inquisitive.  Any activity to suppress information […]